It’s been almost three years since Marvel Comics made the shocking decision to end their Fantastic Four comic, with Fantastic Four #645 in April 2015, but it seems that they are bringing back the iconic team.

Though Marvel denied it at the time, a widespread rumour that was later confirmed by one of the book’s creators, said that Marvel stopped publishing Fantastic Four as part of a battle with Fox, who held the rights the Fantastic Four film franchise and in 2015 were working hard to promote Josh Trank’s terrible new effort.

From there, Reed and Sue Richards were written out of the comics following the Secret Wars crossover; Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm found a place with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Inhumans, and Marvel continued on without their first family.

And after three long years, the former flagship title is confirmed to return in a new series, announced today vis Twitter:

The new comic, written by Dan Slott (coming off a lengthy run on Amazing Spider-Man) and illustrated by Ultimate Spider-Man and RunawaysSara Pichelli.

One has to wonder, however, with this announcement, whether Marvel are gearing up for a big screen return for the Fantastic Four, as Disney move ever-closer to securing their Fox deal. Given their former problem was with Fox, there seems to be little standing in the way of the family being welcomed into the MCU.

The new Fantastic Four book launches this August.

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