Could the MCU have found its Jennifer Walters?

She-Hulk is just one of the many Marvel TV series set to debut on Disney+, and apparently Marvel Studios are already eyeing someone for the role – WWE star and Furious 7 actress Ronda Rousey.

We Got This Covered spoke to a reliable source who claims that Rousey is one of the main actresses being considered for the role as part of an internal shortlist, however it is unclear as to whether she has actually been contacted by the studio.

Rousey is a pretty good choice for the role, as she certainly has the right balance of femininity and ass-kicking muscle mass for Jennifer Walters, and has proved many times – including her stint hosting Saturday Night Live – that she has the ability to entertain an audience. Again, however, nothing has been confirmed.

We Got It Covered’s source also mentioned how Red Hulk, Abomination and the Leader are all expected to appear in the show at point, so it seems like Marvel are definitely going to be using this series to make the most of the characters in the Hulk comic book universe in ways that they haven’t been able to in their films.

More on She-Hulk when we have it.

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