Could it be true?

All Spider-Man fans know Gwen Stacy, but lately her alternate universe super alter-ego Spider-Gwen has been getting a lot of attention, most notably in the mega-hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse where Hailee Steinfeld voiced the character. And while a Spider-Verse sequel is on the way, according to a new report, it seems Marvel Studios may be considering giving Gwen her own live-action film.

In a report from Mikey Sutton on Pete’s Basement, Marvel is currently considering introducing Spider-Gwen into the MCU with a solo live-action outing, as well as giving her the chance to fight alongside the Avengers, much as they did with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

According to Sutton, “Disney has a mad crush on the character” which makes sense as Gwen Stacy has become incredibly popular, especially with young girls, a market that the studio is often trying to successfully break into.

The studio are looking “to produce and release a Spider-Gwen movie, have it fully set in the MCU, teaming the character with various Young Avengers. No casting has begun for Stacy yet. Discussions for this project have just started.”

So, watch this space and we’ll bring you more Spider-Gwen news when we have it.

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