It seems that Marvel has another hit on their hands, as they recently released the ratings for the new Freeform series, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, and the premiere was the cable network’s highest-rated.

The first comic-based series on the network, it seems to be exactly what viewers want to see.

Following teens Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph), a duo from completely different background, who both lived through traumatic events as children that left them with superpowers. Powers that bring them together not only as a super pairing, but as romantic partners as well.

Marvel labelled the series as Freeform’s “best-ever digital debut in the network’s history” with 7.3 million views across digital and linear platforms. The show’s premiere on June 7th marked the network’s biggest series launch in two years, earning a total of 1.64 million viewers. Additionally, the episode was Freeform’s most-watched drama telecast since the series finale of long-running drama Pretty Little Liars in June 2017.

This is good news for both the network and the series, which keeps its distance from other Marvel TV shows whilst still sharing a connection to the MCU. The show has already dropped a hint to something from Agent Carter, and the shady oil company that features heavily in the series, Roxxon, is something that links Cloak & Dagger to the larger MCU – however, it’s likely that they won’t directly join the cinematic universe, but simply reference the larger story arcs.

As yet, the most divisive change to the story is the characters’ origins, which some fans are a little disheartened by. In the comics, the teenagers are kidnapped by a drug cartel who give them experimental drugs, which in turn gave the duo their powers. However, in the show, Tandy gets her powers after an oil rig blew up, causing the car she was in to crash into a river, while Tyrone gets his powers by jumping into the same river after his brother was shot and fell into the water.

While this change was looked on unfavourably by some fans, the series still seems to be entertaining enough to keep a strong audience, if the ratings are anything to go by.

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