Marvel’s Jeph Loeb surprised fans at SDCC last week by announcing that Iron Fist, the series that split audiences (with many giving negative reviews) has been given a second season on Netflix.

However, this was not the only Iron Fist-related surprise, as it was also announced that showrunner Scott Buck will be replaced by former Sleepy Hollow executive producer Raven Metzner. Loeb was also quick to explain that this change was due to scheduling conflicts, with Buck currently working on upcoming ABC series, Inhumans, another Marvel creation due on screens later this year.


It was here that Loeb explained that he met with Metzner, who had some very exciting ideas for the show’s next epic adventure and it was this infectious excitement that led to his appointment as season 2 showrunner.

This change will be looked at as something of a new direction for Iron Fist, and Loeb himself likened it the change to when a comic series passes from one creative to another:

“When you look at something like Daredevil, which is easily accessible, if you ask people what’s your favorite Daredevil story? They go, well I’m a Frank Miller fan, or I’m a Brian Michael Bendis fan or I’m an Ed Brubaker fan. Writers have come in and told their particular view of what that character could be. It was Frank who really looked at it and went, maybe he’s not a happy-go-lucky, plucky acrobat who’s running around, like a more mature version of Spider-Man. Maybe it’s a crime drama. And he changed the tone of that book. And then Bendis, he’s a crime writer, he took that and went to the next level. It’s not that we want the audience to get whiplash. It really does need to feel like this is the next chapter of what’s going to happen to Danny Rand and we’re really looking forward to it.”

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