What if we lived in a world where everything seemed strange and nothing made sense? Well, we do, which is why now is the perfect time for Marvel to be announcing that they’re bringing their What If? Comic series to life on the small screen.

/Film reported that Disney+, the new streaming service coming from the Walt Disney Company, will be playing host to a new animated TV series which will adapt Marvel Comics’ What If? Series.

For those of you unfamiliar with the comic series, the banner offered stories which deviated from the primary Marvel Comics canon, born from thoughts surrounding popular comic book characters. For example: What if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four? What if Loki was the one wielding the power of Mjolnir, not Thor? What if Captain America was never frozen? What if Daredevil had lived in feudal Japan? And many more, even stranger titles.

In keeping with the comic book tradition, Disney+’s What If? series will remain independent from the MCU, meaning the stories won’t have any bearing on the overarching universe. So, we can probably expect to see different actors chosen to voice characters like Captain America and Iron Man in this series.

/Film’s report also explains that the only storyline that is currently confirmed to be in development for the series is the aforementioned Loki/Mjolnir debacle. However, there’s nothing to say that Disney+ won’t be producing original scenarios based on the popularity of characters in the MCU, so we’ll keep you updated!

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