Ben Affleck is to be recast in Matt Reeves’ standalone Batman movie, The Batman. Affleck is still due to appear in a standalone Flash movie, but Matt Reeves is said to want to cast the role with fresh talent, Variety reports.

This has come about after much hearsay, and finally, a box office disappointment from Justice League – which has gone on to have Warner Bros. plan a restructuring of DC Films, with Jon Berg stepping away from his role running the production division, and becoming a production partner alongside Roy Lee (producer; The Lego Movie, It). Geoff Johns is still expected to continue as the chief creative officer at DC.

Variety continues to report that Warner are unhappy with the box office performance of Justice League, after grossing £570 million in the film’s first three weeks of release (with a reported budget of 300 million,) compared to the 1.5 billion that The Avengers (it’s intended competition,) made in the same time frame. As such, Toby Emmerich (Warner Bros. Picture Group President) is said to be considering integrating DC Films into Warner’s main movie arm.

Warner Bros. do believe Justice League has been successful in some areas – they managed to introduce Ezra Miller as The Flash, and Jason Momoa as Aquaman. Aquaman is due in 2018, and The Flash is still in development.

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