According to the latest reports, director Matt Reeves is expected to recast Ben Affleck as the lead in his upcoming film, The Batman.

Affleck signed on as Batman back in 2013 for Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – an announcement was met with a fair amount of scrutiny from audiences. However, the Oscar-winner proved that he was a strong fit, winning a number of people over with his performance, despite the lukewarm reception of the film itself.

And, despite earning rave reviews on his new interpretation of the character, there has been a lot of uncertainty surrounding Affleck’s future in the DCEU. Producer Charles Roven previously said that Affleck was planning to star in Reeves’ solo venture, there’s been increasing evidence which contradict this. Just last month, Jake Gyllenhaal was reported to possibly be taking over the role in the event of Affleck stepping down, and as it turns out, Warner Bros. will be looking for a new Caped Crusader before Reeves begins production.

A report from Variety detailing a shakeup at the production company following the reception of Justice League, there is a paragraph which details Batman’s future in the DCEU:

“While Ben Affleck is expected to appear as Batman in a standalone Flash movie, it is highly unlikely he will don the cape and cowl in Matt Reeves’ planned standalone Batman movie. The director is said to want to cast the role with fresh talent, according to sources.”

This news will no doubt disappoint many, however it isn’t surprising, after Affleck’s non-committal attitude to the picture since stepping down as director and writer earlier in the year. Also, it’s worth remembering that Reeves is looking to direct a full trilogy of Batman films, and so the odds are that he’s looking for someone younger than 45-year-old Affleck to take on the lead.

It will be interesting to see what kind of ramifications this has on the DCEU, as a fresh slate with Batman would imply that either he will not feature in films with the other DC heroes, or more worryingly, Warner Bros. are looking to start afresh with the other characters as well. As it stands, Reeves’ The Batman will not connect to any of the previous films, and so it would probably best for involved that this is an straight reboot that discards the films before it, which would allow Reeves more room to be creative with the film.

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