Matt Reeves has turned in the first part of his new script for The Batman – which may well be pointing to the end of Ben Affleck’s time as Bruce Wayne.

Over the last 18 months, The Batman has been on quite the journey, ever since rumours began to circulate that Affleck wanted out. Though the actor was once thought to be taking on the roles of star, director, writer and producer on the film, he later decided against writing and directing, leaving Reeves to take the helm. Since then, however, Affleck’s role in the project seems to have completely disappeared.

For unknown reasons, Affleck is reportedly looking to get out of the DCEU, leaving Reeves is an incredibly awkward position, as he had originally been planning on The Batman being the first in a trilogy, with Affleck in the lead role. And while recent rumours have pointed to the actor wanting to stay, new information on Reeves’ script suggest that the 45-year-old won’t be the caped crusader in this standalone.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed some of the latest developments at Warner Bros. concerning the DCEU, mentioning a little about The Batman. According to their reporter, Reeves turned in “the first act of a new screenplay” late last month. This is certainly a positive step forward for the production, but the new information points towards Affleck being out of the leading role. The director’s take on the story reportedly puts the focus on “a young caped crusader” – ruling out Affleck as this Batman, but not necessarily ousting him for good.

If this report is to be believed, then Reeves’ film would almost certainly be a prequel, pretty much guaranteeing that a new actor will take the role while also giving the option of removing it from the canon entirely.

Hopefully, we’ll get some concrete information of The Batman soon.

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