Star Wars: The Force AwakensBB-8 was the droid that captured everyone’s hearts, but The Last Jedi is introducing the First Order counterpart BB-9E. And it’s not quite as cute.

The Astromech unit isn’t exactly BB-8’s evil twin, as BB-9E has some stark differences – as the ‘E’ would suggest. He has a squarer domed head, and a HAL-reminiscent red eye.

Toy company Sphero, introduced the gadget version of the droid for this year’s Force Friday toy launch that kicked off in Australia, and they described the new droid as a ‘rolling menace’ and he fits in pretty well with Kylo Ren’s style, looking like a goth BB-8.

Take a look at BB-9E below:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is release 15th December.

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