It’s been a while since there were any updates to Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain but today, Konami have announced an update which adds, amongst other things, Ocelot as a playable character.

The ashen-haired gunslinger will be available when infiltrating FOB missions and features a slightly heightened camouflage value as well as the ability to draw and reload weapons faster, naturally. He can also dual-wield the TORNADO-6 pistol and use ricochet bullets on marked enemies.

Also added is new functionality for the Wormhole Generator. When place beforehand the Grade 9(★9) Wormhole Generator can now automatically extract the player when in a critical situation. Additionally, opponents cannot remove a placed Wormhole Generator anymore, and it is now harder to destroy.

There are also additional outfits for FOB staff including new swimsuits, megladon and goblin suits. For full details and pictures head over to the post on the game’s website.




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