Third time’s a charm?

Following the Disney/Fox merger, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige has confirmed that they are working on a Fantastic Four reboot, and this time the studio has promised to treat Marvel’s first family to the kind of adaptation they deserve.

And it seems that the studio is already drawing up a list of possible actors to fill out the iconic roles, as We Got This Covered has heard of three names on the shortlist for Doctor Doom. First on the list is Spectre’s Christoph Waltz, who is a little older than the other two names on the list – both of whom are veterans of the current X-Men franchise.

Apparently, the studio are considering trying to get Hugh Jackman to swap Wolverine for Doctor Doom, and failing that, they are eyeing Magneto actor Michael Fassbender for the role.

The article clarifies that this in no way implies that any of the actors have been contacted about the role, just that Waltz, Jackman, and Fassbender are on an “internal wishlist” for the role.

However, in terms of the comic book adaptation veterans, Jackman may not want to enter into another contract after having so recently departed the role of Wolverine, and Fassbender may not want to take on another role so similar to Magneto – and of course it might be too soon for the audience to be able to see them as any character – who knows.

What is clear from their choices is that the studio hasn’t settled on exactly what kind of Fantastic Four film they want to make, as all of these actors would offer very different interpretations of the character. It’s definitely interesting to think of each in the role, though.

More on the MCU’s Fantastic Four reboot when we have it.

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