Acquisition rumours are a staple in the gaming industry and while they are often little more than speculation, sometimes they carry weight, especially when mentioned in certain circles. According to a recent report by Polygon, reliable sources close to Microsoft have revealed that the company has been looking into the possibility of acquiring EA, Valve and PUBG Corp among others.

These moves would be a direct response to the fact that currently, the first party line-up on Xbox is woefully dry when compared to its main competitor Sony. Since his promotion in the company, Executive Vice President, Gaming Phil Spencer has made it very clear that bolstering the first party line up of Xbox is a high priority. This attitude is echoed in the recent news that Microsoft have started work on a new Fable game as well as the fact that they managed to secure PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as a timed exclusive.

While it would certainly be a huge deal for Microsoft to buy out EA, who are currently valued at 35 Billion, if any company could do it it would be Microsoft. Back in 2014 the company acquired Minecraft developer Mojang, a deal which proved to be a massive success for Microsoft.

It’s definitely an interesting time for the company as they try to refocus their efforts to look ahead to next generation having lost this one by a 2 to 1 margin. Microsoft recently announced updates to its Game Pass subscription service. Starting with Sea of Thieves, all first party games will be available on the service, day one. This is a huge step forward for not only Microsoft but the games industry in general as it marks a heavy shift towards digital and a hard swerve away from retailers. UK retailers have not reacted well and are actually threatening to boycott the Xbox consoles.

Stay tuned for more details on whether or not this rumour holds any weight.

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