The first trailer for Mission: Impossible – Fallout debuted during the Super Bowl this weekend, showing Tom Cruise and the team in action.

Directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Fallout marks the sixth in the M:I franchise, and is said to deal with the fallout of Rogue Nation, the fallout of a nuclear terrorism plot, and the fallout of all of Ethan Hunt’s “good intentions”, McQuarrie explained.

“The end you always feared is coming, and the blood will be on your hands. The fallout of all your good intentions,” Sean Harris’ Solomon Lane says in the trailer’s opening. Ethan’s mission – which they point out in the trailer, he’s never not accepted – is to repair things, after a previous mission went wrong. Which sees the IMF agent jumping off of things, clinging on to things, and dangling like a madman in mid-air. Classic Cruise action.

Cruise returns to the role that broke his ankle – the shot of which is actually included in this trailer – whilst jumping from roof to roof in order to get away from Henry Cavill’s pornstar moustache. And along with Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Angela Bassett, Alec Baldwin, and Ving Rhames, it seems the Fallout is determined to up the Mission: Impossible game.

What’s really gets the pulse racing is Cruise’s big stunt, which we eluded to in our article about the teaser. We see Ethan Hunt hanging from a helicopter, dangling in mid-air as the copter flies, being chased by Cavill’s August Walker. It’s a stunt that’s shocking enough to see as it is, but knowing that Cruise was actually doing it, leaves you wondering just how much it costs to insure the man.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is set for release on July 27th.

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