During the Paris Games Week, Capcom teased the crowed with yet another trailer for Monster Hunter: World (the fourth one now). The new trailer, featured an entire new area named Rotten Vale, which is located beneath the Coral Highlands. Three new monsters were revealed to reside within this valley, and as per the Monster Hunter series’ tradition, there was a sneak peek at one more mysterious monster that has yet to be completely revealed.

For those unfamiliar with the series, you play as a Hunter in the Monster Hunter world (pun not intended). Large monsters are affecting the livelihood of people in small villages and you are thus dispatched to deal with these disturbances. Monster Hunter boasts many different types of monsters, each with unique designs and characteristics, giving hunters a brand new experience each time they take on a new monster. Over the years, many new features have been added into the game, making it much more accessible as compared to its vanilla version on the PlayStation Portable. Players now have many more options to approach their hunts to fit their style, especially so in Monster Hunter: World.

Turning our attention back to the latest trailer, Rotten Vale is (as the name itself describes) a place full of rotting corpses. In fact, the amount of decomposing material is so immense that a fog of miasma hangs around the area, and it only gets thicker and denser as your Hunter ventures deeper into the area. Unsurprisingly, the thicker the fog gets, visibility becomes an issue. Through the trailer, it seems like players can utilise their Slingers to launch a small “fireball” that can clear out some of the gas. The trailer also suggests that the miasma is more than just a by-product from the rotting bodies, and it is emitted from one of the reptilian-like small monsters dwelling in the valley, as seen in the screenshot below.

gas emitting
Source: Monster Hunter: World – Rotten Vale Trailer [1.29]

Capcom has also described that the gas causes monsters (including the smaller docile ones) to become more aggressive. Making the Rotten Vale an area practically teeming with hostile monsters. For the veteran players, this does sound a little familiar doesn’t it? The Frenzy system that was introduced along with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s flagship monster, Gore Magala. However, this time, the affliction is not just limited to the large monsters, small monster can be affected as well, making it seem much more of a threat. That being said, not much is known until we get to try the game out for ourselves. So the only advice we can give is: Keep your eyes peeled and hold your breath!

The next highlight of the trailer are the three never-seen before monsters. Rolling in first seems to be a bony-relative of the Uragaan, named Radobaan. This was inferred through the similar behavioural characteristics that was displayed in the trailer; the signature rolling around and chin slams. However, it does seem that the bones on the Radobaan’s body are not its own… Especially those huge horns on the sides of the Radobaan… They look awfully familiar, like the horns of a Diablos?

chin slam
Source: Monster Hunter: World – Rotten Vale Trailer [0.39]

Coming up next is the Odogaron, a scavenger monster with fearsome tusks and claws, and seems to be lacking some skin. Or perhaps it’s just the flesh-like colour of its skin that makes it look skinless. In the trailer, it was featured to be dragging a carcass (probably to its lair?) with a Hunter sneaking close by, tracking it. The Odogaron was also shown to be a highly agile and ferocious monster, nimbly avoiding attacks from a Radobaan, and even taking down a Paolumu (the fluffy white bat-like monster) in flight! [But why the Paolumu though, this is just plain bullying! D: ]

Last but not least, the Great Girros, an Alpha of a pack monster. The concept of pack monsters are not new to Monster Hunter, but finally! They have come up with a new design of a pack monster that is not a relative of the Great Jaggi or the Velocidrome. However, the traits of the Great Girros does remind me of a Gendrome…  They are both pack monsters, with an Alpha leading a small group, and they both utilise paralysing venom to immobilise their prey. The biggest difference lies in the feline-like design of the Great Girros, which might bring something new to the table. Once again, we cannot be too sure until we are able to try taking it down.

mystery monster
Source: Monster Hunter: World – Rotten Vale Trailer [1.36]

The main part of the trailer ends off with Capcom teasing the audience even more with a mysterious monster emerging from a pile of carcasses. Due to the “great” camera angles, lighting and the game’s logo appearing at the right time… All we know is that it resides in the Rotten Vale and has curved claws on its forelimb; it is nothing like we have ever seen before. All we can do is hope for more information about this monster to be released in the upcoming weeks leading to Monster Hunter World’s launch, which is set to be released on the 26th of January 2018 on the Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately the PC master race has to take a chill pill and wait patiently for the PC release, which is scheduled to be after the consoles. The actual dates have not been released as of yet.

For the PS4 gamers, Capcom is really being biased here, showering them with great affection; not only do PS4 players have special beta access on the 9th to the 12th of December, but additional PlayStation exclusive quests as well! The quests are to make the armour and bow of Aloy, and an adorable mechanised Palico armour set from Horizon Zero Dawn! *Sigh* Well, then again, Horizon Zero Dawn is a PS4 exclusive title…
[100% speculation warning] Hmm… While the quests are available for the PS4 players to obtain, they may be able to host the quests for those not playing on the PS4? Similar to how the Universal Studios Japan quests worked; it only takes one person to have visited Universal Studios Japan to obtain the quest, for him to be able to host it for others to participate and obtain the rewards. That being said, this only applies if cross-platform play is available for Monster Hunter: World… In the meantime, we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

Overall, we are excited to see the entirely new monsters and environment that Capcom has developed for the series. Not only that, they still page homage to the past designs and keep them right under our noses. For example, those with a keen eye might notice that the skeleton/corpse of Dalamadur, an endgame monster appearing in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, can be found in Rotten Vale! We cannot wait to discover more of these Easter eggs and draw the connections between certain locations, monsters and more!

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