Well, 2016 truly sucked for celebrity deaths and the oncoming political destruction of the world but it did bring us some fine films in shape of Arrival, Nocturnal Animals, Captain America: Civil War, Hail, Caeser!, Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets, and Hunt for the Wilder People among many others but the forthcoming year will be bringing even greater cinematic entertainment, so here’s a short list of movies we are keeping an eye on in 2017:

Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2
The follow up to 2014s sleeper Marvel hit will be bringing the gang of space and alien misfits together again for a new mission and objective. The stakes are truly high and mighty here. We need a new soundtrack as fun as the last, a tonne of funny quips, crazy action sequences and a truly evil and a menacing enemy to rival Thanos. Thankfully not much is known about this film other than there’s going to be a talking planet. True story.
April 28th

Beauty and the Beast
The tale as old as time is getting a live action adaptation with Hermione Watson and Downton Stevens as the titular heroine and creature, respectively. Expect lots of talking animated furniture, singing about how drab provincial France is and a tall, furry guy with a precognitive mirror.
March 17th

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Spinning out of his memorable cameo in this years Captain America: Civil War the new Spidey (Tom Holland) will be getting his own film and his enemies to face. Namely The Vulture, played by a guy who just loves birds and wings so much, Michael Keaton.
July 7th

Kong: Skull Island
Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleston lead this star studded cast of soldiers and scientists who venture to a distant island in the South Pacific on an expedition but encounter the ruler of the island – a giant gorilla who does not like trespassers or war-bringers.
March 10th

Wonder Woman
William Moulton Marston’s Themysciran creation has made her way from comics to TV to animation and now to the big screen. Gal Gadot was Batman vs. Superman‘s only saving grace so let’s hope her solo movie does the same justice.
June 2nd

Alien: Covenant
Ridley Scott’s next installment of the creepy xenomorph series will see the crew of a ship, ‘The Covenant’, discover what they believe is an uncharted paradise but is really the home of the android David (Michael Fassbender). Let’s hope the film is as dark and mysterious as the plot seems to be.
May 19th

Justice League
After the travesty that was Man of Stool and Batpoop vs. Sooperdouche: Dawn of the Joy-less we’re now getting the movie that’s going to bring the band together for likely yet another dark and broody adventure.
November 17th

Lego Batman Movie
From the Lego Movie to the Lego solo movie. Next year the Dark Brick of Gotham is getting his own adventure and he’s bringing some friends – and enemies – along for the ride.
February 10th

Fast 8
Dominic Toretto and his family are set to return for yet another heist adventure that will likely include stunning locales, beautiful people, slick cars, powerful engines and plenty of crazy stunts to keep thrill-seekers happy. This will be the first Fast and Furious movie not to star Paul Walker since his untimely passing.
April 14th

Ghost in the Shell
The Anime classic is getting a Western-feel with a Japanese aesthetic adaptation that’s sure to ruffle the feathers of a lot of devout fans.
March 31st

Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the ‘Canuck who’s the best at what he does’ will see an aged Logan and Professor X discover a young girl with Wolverine’s abilities while taking on cyborg Donald Pierce…and the Reavers? And (maybe) Mister Sinister?
March 2nd

Star Wars: Episode VIII
The as-yet unnamed sub-title for the eighth film in the Star Wars franchise is sure to be another worldwide success, filled with action, drama, blasters, aliens and lots of force-chokes courtesy of Rey, Fin, Kylo, Poe and an entire distant galaxy of characters. The SBOC team are devout Star Wars fans and will certainly be there to soak up the stars when it arrives at the end of the year.
December 15th

The Dark Tower
Stephen King’s seminal spiritual western will finally find its way to the big screen with Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey and Katheryn Winnick taking the reigns in what hopes to be a modern cinematic masterpiece.
July 28th

The Mummy
The reboot that nobody asked for will star Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis as adventurers that must face and deal with ancient evil in the form of Sofia Boutella’s Ahmanet. We’re clearly on the edge on our seats here. Can’t you tell?
June 9th

Thor: Ragnarok
Nothing else is known about the plot of the next Asgardian installment other than it’s being billed a buddy movie for the Odinson and Hulk. Yet, with a title as ominous and foreboding as ‘Ragnarok’ you’re kinda hoping for something big and destructive to happen. Well, Hela is in it so that dark and evil already.
October 27th

Power Rangers
A group of fragile kids discover an ancient and powerful figure who grants them powers and very large mechanical creatures to help defeat an even more ancient and powerful sorceress hellbent on destruction from ruling the world. Now picture the original series and tell us if the premise matches the visuals. We’re kinda hoping this production will be the mature take on the teen action series we’ve be waiting for since puberty.
March 24th

Transformers: The Last Knight
Michael Bay, we, the loyal fans of the true Transformers, implore you to let this be the last film you make as there is nothing left from our youth for you to desecrate anymore. Anthony Hopkins and Laura Haddock will be joining Mark Wahlberg in the next outing in the robots in disguise franchise.
June 23rd

Alexandra Daddario in a red swimsuit, running up and down the sandy and sun-soaked beaches of California saving lives with Dwayne Johnson and their lifeguard colleagues? Who wouldn’t want to see that?
May 12th

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Galahad’s not dead, apparently.
June 16th

John Wick: Chapter 2
They killed his dog the first time and he went looking for revenge. He got it and a new dog. This time it remains to be seen what draws the former hitman back into the killing world.
February 17th

T2: Trainspotting
The lads are back for more drugs, mayhem and an even bigger lust for life.
January 27th

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
Time-travelling agents Cara Delevigne and Dane DeHaan investigate a galactic empire in Luc Besson’s sci-fi epic. The movie is be based on the French comic Valérian and Laureline by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières. The need for incredible cinematography and a clever script is a must for it to be a worldwide success.
July 21st

Despicable Me 3
Margot, Edith, Agnes, Nefario, Lucy and Gru will return for yet another adventure, as will Gru’s long lost twin brother, Dru. And let’s not forget those adorable yellow tic-tac’s in dungarees, The Minions!
June 30th

XXX: The Return of Xander Cage
The title says all that we need to know for now. Just expect the same insane action, explosions and deception as the first movie and you’ll likely walk away content with the movie. Just don’t expect an Academy Award for Best Costume Design or a Peabody Award for Writing.
January 17th

Another Dwayne Johnson film and yet another reboot that nobody asked for. This time explorers go in search of the game that became a part of a mystical jungle. Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Nick Jonas will co-star.
December 17th

Live By Night
Ben Affleck has grown as an actor, writer and director so this story set around a group of people and their business deals during the Prohibiton Era should bring his now recognisable panache and style to audiences once more.
January 13th

The Belko Experiment
In a twisted social experiment, a large group of Americans are locked in their high-rise corporate office and ordered by an unknown voice coming from the company’s intercom system to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed.
This movie echoes Battle Royale but set to the tones of the modern day battle against corporate greed and control.
March 17th

There are many more and we’ll be there to review them as it happens. Stay tuned, folks!

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