Series creator Sam Esmail is taking Mr. Robot back in time, as he, along with Black Mask Studios and show writer Jeff McKibben, will chronicle the story pre-season 1, and the formation of the mysterious group, fsociety.

The Mr. Robot comic will mark the first venture into adaptations of stories from other media for Black Mask Studios, whose previous comics include Calexit, a comic that sees California seceding from a dystopian US, wrecked by political divisions and climate disaster in the not-too-distant future.

Calexit is written by Black Mask publisher Matteo Pizzolo, who will be helping Esmail and McKibben to craft their story. Set to illustrate the series is Antonio Fuso, with colours coming from Tyler Boss.

The Mr. Robot comic is set for release this fall, but more information will be revealed during San Diego Comic Con, where Pizzolo and McKibben will host a panel – Mr. Robot: Hacking Comics – which will focus on how they have gone about expanding the show’s singular world into comic form.

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