Monday saw Disney release the first official image of Liu Yifei as Hua Mulan, and now director Niki Caro has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the first day of filming on the live-action project.

Captioned with “Reflections”, the shot of Yifei by the water is remarkably similar to the sequence in the 1998 animation which sees the lead character sing the song “Reflection.” Which is good news for fans, as it shows that Caro’s film is at least paying homage to its predecessor:

Mulan is adapted from the Disney animation of the same name, and follows a young woman who dresses herself up as a man in order to fight Northern invaders attacking China. The live-action retelling comes from a script by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, and will be filming in China and New Zealand.

Mulan is set to hit theatres in March 2020.

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