Hangover director Todd Phillips is set to write and direct a Joker origin story, with 8 Mile scribe Scott Silva, and the living legend of cinema Martin Scorsese producing it with Phillips. Now that is an impressive powerhouse of a trio.

You’d think that cache of characters in the DC catalogue would make Warner Bros. think about adapting or option another prolific or important figure to focus on, and show off against their heroes but the Joker is one of the worlds most visually recognised villains and ‘entertainers’ that bringing him into the limelight and greater appreciation is going to fuel even more fandom for him.


The Joker’s last cinematic jaunt in Suicide Squad was not exactly well-received by fans or critics, and Jared Leto’s interpretation of the chuckle-some murderer was portrayed as a giddy Emo who fell face first into a Clinique counter rather than the Clown Prince of Crime he’s solely known for. Yet, what is most interesting is that this story is going to be set in early eighties Gotham City, an era that Scorsese is known for basing a number of his stories within, and combined with Phillips’ comedic prowess this could be one impressive film filled to the brim with gritty visuals and the dark tone we’ve been gagging for since Heath Ledger’s visceral portrayal in The Dark Knight.

At this time nothing is known as to how this film will fit into the current DC Extended Universe but watch this space as news hits.

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