Team 17 and game developer Panthea Games today announced that My Time at Portia, a new sandbox simulation RPG will come to Steam Early Access on January 23 2018. Players will set sail for the town of Portia and upon arrival will be given their very own workshop left by their Pa.

Players will mine, loot, gather resources and fight off fearsome enemies in order to develop the greatest workshop in all of Portia. In case you hadn’t realised, My Time at Portia is heavily inspired by games like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and by association Stardew Valley.  There’s a whole community of townsfolk to interact with as they go to school, do their jobs, workout and have fun.

Alongside the release date announcement comes a new trailer which shows off the game’s charming visuals and loot/build gameplay loop. The game will also come to consoles later in 2018, with a tonne of content planned to be added as the game progresses through Early Access. You can keep track of the game’s progress by following the game’s Twitter account.


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