A live-action Uncharted adaptation has been stuck in limbo for a while now, but Firefly star Nathan Fillion has taken matters into his own hands, collaborating with filmmaker Allan Ungar to produce a short film based on the popular game series.

Fillion’s name is one that makes a constant appearance in fan discussions on who would make the perfect Nathan Drake, given their similar attitudes and physicality – but they can now see their fancasting brought to life in this incredibly well-made 14-minute short, which stars Stephen Lang alongside Fillion.

Uncharted follows Nathan Drake, treasure hunter and descendant of legendary explorer Sir Francis Drake. Believing he knows the whereabouts of the South America city, El Dorado, Nathan embarks on a quest, where he finds himself competing with a rival hunter.

Sony announced the possibility of a live-action film adaptation of the game in 2016, but since then the project has been passed around, coming to settle in the lap of Joe Carnahan. However, in September 2016 (just three months after it was announced) Sony removed the project from its calendar.

Last year, Deadline broke the news that Shawn Levy was set to direct the project, with Tom Holland attached to play a young Nathan Drake – and while everyone loves Holland, perhaps this short will lead to Fillion taking on the fan-favourite role.

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