Hopes weren’t exactly high for Netflix’s new movie, Bright, starring Will Smith as a cop in a fantasy version of L.A. But somehow, it still managed to disappoint critics – not that Netflix cares, as the streaming giant has already ordered a sequel, with Smith on board to return.

The first set of reviews have already earned the film a 28% score on Rotten Tomatoes (at the moment), and David Ehrlich of Indiewire dubbed it the worst movie of 2017, and a “dark harbinger of things to come,” whereas Collider called it “the opposite of a must-see.”

With Bright, and a potential sequel on the horizon, Netflix is obviously looking for a seat at the blockbuster table, and the David Ayer-directed film is the studio’s first big-budget feature, reportedly costing upwards of $100 million. If it is as bad as critics are saying, viewers may seek it out on pure curiosity, to see if it really is that bad.

But would they return for a sequel? It’s unlikely.

Bright comes to Netflix on December 22nd.

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