Months after Season 4 was released on Netflix, the streaming service has announced that they have ordered a fifth season of the experimental series, Black Mirror.

Though Season 4 scored highly with fans and critics alike, many noticed that some of the season’s offerings, such as David Slade’s ‘Metalhead’ and Jon Hillcoat’s ‘Crocodile’ were far gloomier than those that preceded them.

Nevertheless, the teaser that accompanied today’s announcement serves as something of a Greatest Hits compilation, showing some of the series’ most memorable parts, in a very foreboding manner. Very on-brand for Black Mirror, this teaser is certainly likely to keep the audience interested for the show’s return, however they will have to wait a while, as it will likely be a while before Season 5 is ready for streaming – though by now, we’re kind of used to it.

What is reassuring, is that Charlie Brooker and his team have managed to maintain a high level of quality over the past four seasons, and joining forces with Netflix has meant that they can expand on the stories, being more ambitious than ever before.

While we are going to have to wait a while before Charlie Brooker melts our brains again, it’s great to know that the technophobic series will once again return.

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