It seems that the Robinson family have more adventures in store, as Netflix has ordered a second season of the sci-fi adventure series, Lost in Space.

A reboot of the 1965 show of the same name, both shows focus on the Robinson family, who are part of a colonist group, journeying to a new planet in order to start a new life. However, when their ship is thrown off course, they become lost in space (see what they did there?) and much fight to survive the often hostile planet they find themselves on.

Netflix has now officially announced that the series has been renewed for a second season, and though this is the first official word on Season 2, Lost in Space’s creators have been working on ideas for a second season for a while now, teasing “crazy stuff” to come. Initially, as with many reboots, there was some criticism from fans of the original series, but the creative nature of the reboot seemed to win over fans and critics alike, so it is no surprise that Netflix is choosing to renew the series.

While there’s no premiere date for Season 2 yet, Season 1 of Lost in Space is available on Netflix now.

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