And Jerry Bruckheimer

Axel Foley is set to return to the streets of Beverly Hills as Netflix has made a one-time license deal (with an option for a sequel) with Paramount which will enable the streaming service to make a fourth instalment of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise with star Eddie Murphy and producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

The deal gives Netflix a big, well-known title and a famous face, while it gives Paramount an opportunity to make money on a title from their library. The franchise was launched by the studio in 1984 with the Martin Brest original, followed by Tony Scott’s 1987 instalment, and a third from John Landis in 1994.

This is the third deal of the like between Paramount and Netflix, after the streamer acquired Cloverfield: God Particle, which was launched with a surprise Super Bowl spot in 2018, and a release immediately after. They also acquired the offshore rights to Alex Garland’s sci-fi film Annihilation, starring Natalie Portman, just 17 days after its US release by Paramount. Netflix also made similar deal with New Line when it took on the offshore rights to last year’s Shaft, starring Samuel L. Jackson.

However, while all of these deals were for finished films, Netflix will be working with Murphy and Bruckheimer to get writers and a director on board, as well as finance the Beverly Hills Cop reboot and release it on the streaming service.

More on the reboot when we have it.

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