FoxNextGames have announced that Cold Iron Studios are busy working away on a new Alien game, but it is not Alien Isolation 2. The as-yet unnamed title is a shooter of sorts with further details not available at this time. This news comes after the 21st Century Fox venture acquired the studio.

Cold Iron Studios is comprised of devs who have previously worked on BioShock Infinite, Borderlands, DOOM and Metroid Prime 3, so good hands indeed. The gaming output of the Alien franchise has been largely spotty over the last couple of decades with 2014’s Alien Isolation definitely being the peak. Hopefully Cold Iron Studios can continue this streak and loving attention to detail moving forward.

It is worth noting that Cold Iron Studios currently specialise in action MMO titles so perhaps this could be an indication that the new Alien title will be more geared towards this.

FoxNext have promised an “action-packed gaming experience” which does sound a little worrying to this writer, on the other hand Aliens was action-packed and equally as awesome as the horror focused Alien.

Craig Zinkievich, CEO of Cold Iron Studios had this to say on the new game: ‘We believe in FoxNext’s vision and we are thrilled about the opportunity to explore an amazing and rich universe,’ he added, ‘Our background in building online worlds and taking established franchises to the next level in interactive entertainment is a precise fit with our product roadmap ahead; we can’t wait to share more information soon.’

FoxNextGames have been buying up great gaming developers left right and centre; Last year they purchased Aftershock and set them to work on a game based on James Cameron’s Avatar franchise and the free-to-play “Marvel Strike Force” mobile fighting game set for 2018 release.

Not too much to go on here but I’m always psyched for anything Alien related so hopefully we get more details soon.


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