Will Smith and David Ayer explain a little more about Bright, their upcoming Netflix action-fantasy buddy-cop film, in a newly released featurette.

Written by Max Landis, Bright was picked up by Netflix in March, who spent $90 million in order to acquire the project, as part of their on-going efforts to become a legitimate producer of major studio-level genre films.

Set in Los Angeles, in a world where fantasy characters live alongside humans, Bright stars Will Smith as cop Daryl Ward, a human reluctantly partnered with Jakoby (played by Joel Edgerton) the first Orc to become a member of the police force. The duo stumble upon a magical object that gives the owner unlimited power, and must fight to keep the object out of the hands of criminals, corrupt cops and basically anyone who dreams of becoming an all-powerful supervillain.

In the new featurette, Smith and Ayer take the audience on a tour of the film’s action/fantasy mash-up. Smith explains the backdrop, describing how the city seems very normal, except for the fact that it’s partially populated by Orcs, Elves and other fantastical races.

For the most part, the featurette mostly recycles footage from the earlier trailer, intercut with the interview clips. The video sets up how Ward and Jakoby become partners, patrolling the streets of LA, engaging in classic buddy-cop humour. We are then introduced to Noomi Rapace’s character, an elf named Leilah. She is in possession of what Jakoby refers to as ‘a magic wand’ – a powerful artefact that Smith compares to ‘a nuclear bomb.’ Evil forces of all races want to get their hands on the wand, which would give them the power to take over the world.

As Ayer explains during the video, much of the movie centres around the friendship between Ward and Jakoby, as two seemingly very different characters who bond through their shared experience. The fantasy layer of the story adds a layer of novelty to the buddy-cop formula, allowing for a plot that veers into comicbook superhero territory, though how this will all gel together remains to be seen.

Bright will come to Netflix on October 22nd.

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