Ahead of the Marvel/Netflix series’ premiere, additional images from The Punisher have been released.

When we first met Frank Castle in Season 2 of Daredevil, he was only at the beginning of his journey to becoming The Punisher, as he was mostly just a soldier, broken by what happened to his family, and walking a path of revenge. Suffice to say, The Punisher will tell a story of a gun-toting killer that’s far from the conventional superhero narrative we are used to.

The Punisher’s Twitter account posted new images from the show, putting a spotlight on the cast of characters who will appear in the show – and the first of these images shows Frank looking like the criminal antihero he is:

The shot next to this shows a bearded Frank, looking down-trodden as he speaks with Karen Page, who served as something of a conscience for Frank in Daredevil, who will likely help to humanise the titular character in his solo show.

Another image show Frank alongside Micro, his tech specialist. In the show, he has been reimagined as a whistleblower, with a similar mission to Frank – and rather than just going after mobsters, The Punisher will see the pair attempt to take on military and government corruption.

And finally, the last image shows the series’ villain, Rawlins, Frank’s former commanding officer, and the man behind his downfall. He also seems to be combined with Marvel villain, Jigsaw – as they share similar disfigurations.

The Punisher comes to Netflix on November 17th.

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