During Nintendo‘s Gamescon, Yoshiaki Koizumi offered more sneak-peek gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey and introduced us to another location in the game, Luncheon Kingdom. This time, the location is based on the theme of food, which is clearly presented in the gameplay footage, from the oversized vegetables and shrimp; and with its citizens being personified forks adorned in chef outfits.

Koizumi said the kingdom was inspired by Italy and other European countries, explaining that, “Europe has a rich variety of food cultures and cuisine, so when we were thinking of making a food themed flavour, it seemed like a natural choice to give it a European flavour.”

The kingdom also has a noticeably distinct art style in comparison to the other locations that have been revealed thus far. It has a more surreal and bright colour style, with polygon textures used from the buildings to the vegetables. All the objectives in this kingdom is evidently based around cooking. A large cooking pot is shown at the top of the volcano, which is said to be the pride of joy of the citizens, making a dish called “Stupendous Stew” which of course, Bowser wants and thus is preventing them from accessing it.

A new feature they show is how you can use Cappy, to transform into a lava bubble and travel in the lava, which Koizumi adds is the “first time in any Mario game, that you can freely travel in lava.” and serves multiply purposes such as burning enemies or helping out in quests. Shaking the joycon while travelling also allows Mario to speed up, which is a nice little add-on.
The gameplay footage really emphasises the importance of exploring in the game and will hopefully really allow players to immerse themselves in the world.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on October 27th.

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