While The Last Jedi trailer gave us an exciting new look at the upcoming film, however amidst the new footage, a few things were missing – including Laura Dern, who plays Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo.

We have seen Dern in costume before, but this new image gives us a fresh look at the new Star Wars character – as well as revealing another BB unit.

Our first look at Amilyn Holdo came in the Vanity Fair spread a few months ago, and was followed by a brief sneak peek in the reel that was shown at the Star Wars Celebration over the summer. The photo below comes courtesy of The Ellen Show, on which Dern recently appeared to discuss her role in the film.


Holdo is pictured in a Resistance meeting, and featured a little more prominently behind the Admiral is another BB unit – called (in true Fast and Furious style) 2BB-2. It looks like we will be meeting a few more droids in The Last Jedi, including BB-4 (which maths would dictate is half as good as BB-8) and evil droid BB-9E. But, like an adorable evil.

The Last Jedi hits cinemas December 14th in the UK, and December 15th in the US.

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