Stargate SG-1 was honoured with numerous awards and award nominations in its ten-season run, after the success of the SG1 series they moved on to other stories within the stargate universe with stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe and Stargate Origins which was a low budget production compared to SG1 and Atlantis. The Stargate Community is one of the most passionate within the film industry and ever since the last production fans wanted more.

I been hearing about a proposed Stargate revival from original Stargate SG-1 producer Brad Wright for more than a year, before the project was sidelined due to the pandemic. But now we know he’s spent the downtime reaching out to a few other team members about eventually making another trip back through the ‘gate.

Wright said that he’s working on a stargate project that will connect SG1 and Atlantis which for me are the most fascinating stories within the stargate universe. Has a big stargate fan myself I wasn’t impressed with Stargate Origins so when Wright said that he is working on a project between SG1 and Atlantis can only be good news for the franchise and the community.

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