Ah, that post con feeling… the need to shower a couple of hundred times, the collection of business cards and artwork, and of course the trawl through various photographers uploads as we try to find just one picture with that awesome cosplayer who’s ear you talked off for 20 minutes.

It’s been two days since SBOC took on the London Anime and Gaming Convention 2017, our first con of the year, and this year we were spoiled to a great selection of panels, games and guests. With an abundance of different star performers, cosplayers and game devs on offer, this years LAGC was abundant with material for a variety of us geek breeds.

It’s apparent from the get-go that this kind of convention highlights all of the stages of cosplay finesse and innovative gaming tech; there’s cosplayers there who are first timers, trialling costumes for the first time and of course those who’ve been cosplaying since Misty and Brock were still on Pokemon.

Having the opportunity to attend instructional workshops created an inventive, safe creative space which specialises in this unique and diverse community, allowing people to interact directly with seasoned cosplayers rather than just searching up online tutorials.

LAGC's infamous party! Credit@LAGCPress

LAGC’s infamous party. Credit@LAGCPress

As far as the gaming side of things go, the predominant events consisted of advertisements and promotional talks, such as a talk on the new classic arcade re-opening in Croydon, The Heart of Gaming, as well as plenty of both new and old games for us to knuckle into as we ate our cheesy chips and burgers (ah, student-provided diets), and a variety of game tournaments.

The days rounded up with a series of bands performing tribute acts, covers and inventive independent tracks from communities such as OC ReMix, followed by the infamous LAGC party down by the bar.

From the anime cinema to the charity auction, LAGC 2017 gave us plenty to look at, think about and throw ourselves into for the weekend, if only for a while before we return to pretending to be functioning members of society.

Keep your eyes peeled and fingers poised for the upcoming video…

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