It seems that the Arrowverse is finally heading to Gotham City, and bringing one of its Bat-heroes with them.

Working alongside DC Entertainment has meant that The CW’s Arrowverse has been able to slowly build up their properties – but very slowly, as the direct involvement with DC has led to restrictions on the characters that can and can’t be used. Most recently, Arrow has had to give up the character of Deathstroke, after he made his big-screen debut in Justice League. However, with the lesser-known characters able to have their time to shine, it has meant the Arrowverse stepping up their game in other ways.

One of the most successful techniques The CW have used is their mega-event crossovers that unite Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow for feature-length adventures.

Another crossover is planned for this year, and this time will see our heroes in a familiar place, which has been as-yet untouched by the Arrowverse – and that’s Batman’s hometown of Gotham City. While Batman is the most prominent hero of Gotham, the crossover won’t see that caped crusader alongside The CW’s finest, but Batwoman.

During The CW’s Upfront presentation last night, Arrow star Stephen Amell took to the stage in order to discuss the future of his show, and the universe that has been built around it. The full details of the crossover weren’t revealed, but the Arrowverse heroes will journey to Gotham for the first time, and will be joined by Kate Kane, a.k.a. Batwoman, according to Michael Schneider.

They also released some teaser art:

Bringing in Gotham City is a huge step for the Arrowverse to take, as they have only mentioned the place and Bruce Wayne in the past. This could open up the universe for much more, and Batwoman may only be the start of things to come.

A casting announcement for the character has yet to be made, but the introduction of Kate Kane may mean that Batwoman will be getting her own show.

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