The more I hear, the more I need this film.

There are few actors who match up to Nicolas Cage, and even fewer who could announce that they would be playing themselves in a new film without anyone really batting an eyelid. But, in the upcoming comedy/drama The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, that’s exactly what Cage is doing.

From writer-director Tom Gormican, the film’s insane story will see Cage play two fictionalised versions of Nicolas Cage – a present-day one, and a younger, over-the-top version of himself.

Empire Magazine interviewed Cage for their upcoming issue, and he opened up about the experience of playing these versions of himself.

“It’s a stylised version of me, and the fact I even have to refer to myself in the third person makes me extremely uncomfortable,” he said. “There are many scenes in the movie where modern or contemporary – here we go – ‘Nic Cage’ and then young ‘Nic Cage’ are colliding and arguing and battling it out. It’s an acrobatic approach to acting.”

There’s also a specific clip of the actor in his younger years that will give you an idea of what the “young Nic Cage” will be like. In 1990, Cage made a now-iconic appearance on Terry Wogan’s chat show, Wogan, where he karate-kicked, somersaulted and threw money into the crowd, and it’s this energy that he will channel for his new performance.

The actor told Empire, “Remember that talk show I went on, Wogan, when I was promoting Wild At Heart? Young Nic Cage [in the film] will be that guy. But this is a very stylised version of me. It’s definitely just me ‘taking the piss’, as they say, out of myself.”

Playing this younger version of himself will mean that Cage has to do something he very rarely does – revisiting previous performances in preparation for Gormican’s film possibly doing the same.

“I don’t like to look back,” he explained, “But this movie kind of pushes it all back in my face. I’m probably going to have to look at a couple of the movies from the past again, because I think we’re gonna have to reenact some of those sequences. It’s like walking through a Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari version of Con Air and Face/Off.”

You can read more on Cage’s interview in the upcoming issue of Empire – out on Thursday 20th February.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is expected to hit cinemas in early 2021.

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