Director of Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn is making it his business to change the world of film, or at least how we access film through the internet.

Refn has announced the launch of a new platform, called, through which a new batch of curated film, music, video and essay content is released quarterly every year – and it’s free.

Officially launching in February 2018, each of the site’s releases will include a fully restored feature length film (available to stream) – as well as “essays, music, video, photography, and other ‘cultural ephemera’” as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Refn unveiled this streaming platform during the Lumiere Film Festival in Lyon, France.

“I thought it was intriguing to come to the place where cinema was born,” Refn explained, “And now we can bury it in order to give it a rebirth.”

The first volume of this series will explore the American South, and will be guest-edited by Jimmy McDonough. This will include a restored version of the extremely rare cult film of 1965, The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds, Joseph P. Mawra’s Shanty Tramp (1967) and a feature about Dale Berry, the Texan sexploitation director behind projects such as Hot Blooded Woman and Hip Hot and 21.

Refn explained that the restoration of Cuckoo Birds was done in collaboration with Harvard Film Archive, made with money “from directing commercials we don’t want to watch.”

The second volume will be guest-edited by British film magazine, Little White Lies, and feature rare works of American independent cinema.

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