Nightwing director Chris McKay wasn’t kidding when he said he was casting a wide net for his lead role in the DC live-action movie.

Following his statement about the Nightwing casting call being a sizeable operation, McKay has now announced that he plans to hold open auditions for the lead role of Dick Grayson a.k.a. Nightwing, the grown version of Batman’s Boy Wonder, Robin.

After his success with The LEGO Batman Movie, McKay is taking the helm on the Nightwing project, with the help of The Accountant’s screenwriter, Bill Dubuque. As the pre-production process moves forward, McKay has praised Warner Bros’ director-led moviemaking model, and the other directors that they have attracted. Some have already said that McKay’s movie could help revive the DCEU, which continues to suffer from poor reviews and low box office numbers in the wake of the release of Justice League.

Posting through his personal Twitter account, the director has made it clear that he’s searching high and low for the perfect actor to lead the movie. He’ll be holding open auditions, but encourages actors to get a manager or agent if they are taking the opportunity seriously.


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