Nightwing director Chris McKay has claimed that the film’s script is almost done, hyping fans for big things to come in the following months.

Not much is known regarding the project, however it does seem to be progressing quietly with McKay at the helm, and The Accountant writer, Bill Dubuque working hard on the script.

However, today McKay shared an exciting update on the film, via his Twitter account, announcing that the script is nearing completion. Despite this, he did once again ask fans to wait patiently for a casting announcement. Although the script is almost finished, they are still a long way off prepping for production:

Warner Bros. and McKay taking their time to finalise the script can only be a good thing, as many of the recent snags in DC’s movies have come from problems rooted in the story. Making sure the narrative is solid, reduces the chance of the studio having to go through rewrites and extensive reshoots that lead to a disjointed final product, as we’ve seen in Suicide Squad and Justice League.

With this in mind, McKay seems to be taking extra care to find the perfect actor for the titular role. Before he offered up the insight into the script, McKay did a social media poll in order to ask fans what their process would be to cast a lead, and what exactly they would look for in a Nightwing. Fans quickly jumped into the discussion, with many suggesting that they would rather have someone with the physical skills needed for the role, rather than a major celebrity.

This goes hand in hand with McKay’s desire to explore Dick Grayson’s circus background in the film, which will feature a lot of real stuntwork – so it makes sense that fans want someone who will be able to deliver on this.

More on Nightwing as we have it.

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