After Nintendo teased that a direct would be happening tonight and that it would be in aid of announcing a new interactive experience “specially crafted for kids and kids at heart”, many of us started to speculate as to what they could mean.

Well, now we know that it wasn’t a game, or really anything else we had predicted, instead Nintendo announced the Nintendo Labo. No this isn’t April fools come early, Nintendo is releasing a range of DIY cardboard peripherals which range from RC robots to VR to fishing rods. The trailer which can be viewed below shows off some of these genuinely incredible and completely bonkers kits. They are all cardboard, allowing kids to colour them in themselves. A piano is shown in which the Switch slots into the frame with the Joycons mounted on the side detecting the notes which are played.

I’m having trouble getting my head around exactly what we have just witnessed so I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself just how rad this new direction from Nintendo is. The Labo launches April 20 with two kits being made available. There’s the variety kit which retails at $69.99 and then the Robot kit which goes for $79.99. These “Toy-con kits” contain everything you need (sans Switch) to create everything shown in the trailers. There’s also a customisation set which adds stickers and tape and stencil to the creations.

It seems that these creations will indeed interact with certain games on the Switch. From what I can tell these seem to be made for Labo titles but it’s not a complete stretch to imagine a wheel and pedal set being integrated into Mariokart.

Be sure to check out the full details here.

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