As if Rocket League coming onto the Nintendo‘s newest console wasn’t already good enough news for Switch owners and fans-alike, developer Psyonix decided to use a 1UP and include unlockable exclusive Nintendo-themed battle cars free on launch!

Aswell as including all the same content as other platforms, they decided to grace Switch users with two cars styled after Nintendo’s classic Mario Brothers, the Mario NSR and Luigi NSR. The cars designs are modeled after the brother’s outfits and, save for the distinguishable L and M logos on the hood, are almost palate swaps of each other, depending on what team you’re playing for.

Perhaps the one which most players are excited for, and reasonably so, is the unexpected reveal of the battle car modeled after Metroid’s Samus’ Gunship. With it’s sleek design, it will also come with two variations which according to Psyonix, are based on different Varia suits.

The reveals have not only been met with a mixture of praise and excitement, but certainly are a fitting addition to the feel to the game, with its acrobatics and gravity defying logic. This leaves a plethora of more themed battle cars of popular Nintendo franchises that they could add to the roster.

Unfortunately, despite the cross-platform play, only other Switch users will be able to view these console exclusive cars, whereas they will be seen as default existing cards for others.

Rocket League will be released during “Holiday” 2017.

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