After months of speculation, Nintendo finally dropped another Nintendo Direct and although it itself was short, it wasn’t short of content.  From more Wii, u ports to brand new announcements it was far from a disappointment. So were here to take you through a complete roundup of every brand-new announcement from this afternoon’s Nintendo Direct Mini.
Mario Tennis Aces
The latest instalment of the Mario Tennis game series is Mario Tennis Aces. Featuring a brand-new story mode (for the first time since the Gameboy Advance Mario Tennis game) which comes with new boss battles, challenges and lots of new Mario tennis gameplay. We’ve yet to be given a concrete release date but we do know that its coming this spring.


Dragon Quest Builders –
After much hype, Nintendo has finally given Dragon Quest fans their first taste of Dragon Quest Builders on the Switch by releasing a brand-new demo. The best thing about this? It’s out for you to play right now! This is all due to the impending release of the final game which hits the switch later this month.

Hyrule Warrior Ultimate Edition –
Hyrule Warriors on the Switch is the exact same as the Wii U and 3DS release with the added bonus of containing every mission, map and mode from the DLC released before it. If you’ve been holding off on playing this fantastic action game now would be the best chance to pick it up. It also comes with some cool Breadth of the wild skins for both Link and Zelda meaning there’s some exclusive content on this version as well!
Kirby Star Allies –
Kirby Star Allies was announced at last years E3, but today’s Mini Direct showed off a brand-new trailer which showcased some of Kirby’s new abilities. Ranging from a Spider to an artist it’s clear this Kirby game should shake up the formula. Also detailed was the way abilities can be shared in co-op mode giving you a way of mix and matching abilities between yourselves. Kirby Star Allies releases March 16th for Switch.

Pokken Tournament DLC
Pokken Tournament is getting new DLC in the form of two brand new Pokémon, Aegislash and Blastoise. The paid DLC will release in 2 waves each featuring one of the aforementioned Pokémon they will also each include brand support sets that will feature the likes of Mew and Mega Rayquaza. The first wave of DLC will release at the end of this month on January 31st and the second will drop on March 23rd, not only that if you purchase it right now you get access to some brand new avatar items to deck yourself out with.
The World Ends With You Final Remix-
A mere ten years after its initial DS release cult hit, The World Ends With You sees a brand new Re-release on the Nintendo Switch. The game will feature all the previously released content and a “Sizeable new scenario” which will be exclusive to this version. The World Ends With You follows lead character Neku as he enters a deadly game which sees people fight for the chance to be brought back to life from the afterlife. The World Ends With You is one of the most unique and fantastically well-made JRPGs on the market so it’s fantastic to see it be brought to a whole new audience on the Switch.

Mario Odyssey – Luigi’s Balloon World Update
Upon completing Mario‘s latest adventure you’ll be able to play a completely brand-new mode free of charge. Luigi’s Balloon World mode sees you play a competitive game of hide and seek in which your given 30 seconds to hide a balloon in a map and other plays have to find it. There’s a global leaderboard which allows for a serious competitive edge to the mode and it gives speedrunners a whole new mode to conquer. This new update also comes with some new outfits and filters for the snapshot mode. No specific release date has been given but we’re told it should arrive sometime in February.
Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC –
This mini direct wasn’t short of Mario content and if you were a big fan of last year’s Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle then you’re in for even more of a treat. This New DLC adds a brand-new character in the form of Donkey Kong, we nothing else of the new DLC except that it’ll be priced at around £16 and will release in Spring this year.
Fe and Celeste –
We got a brief look at the 2 new EA original titles Fe and Celeste, both of which showcased small gameplay trailers and gave us the release dates of February 16th for Fe and January 25th for Celeste.


Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze –
Donkey Kong isn’t making just one appearance on the switch this year though he bringing back his critically acclaimed Wii u Game Tropical Freeze to the switch! The new version will retain all the content from the original but will also add in the new playable character Funky Kong who uses a surfboard to traverse the world in all new ways. The Switch version of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Releases May 4th.
Payday 2-
Payday 2 got a confirmed Switch Release date of February 27th and not only that we got some brand-new footage of the timed exclusive character “Joy”. This Japanese computer whizz sports a LED mask and a whole host of hacking abilities making your heists that much more technical.
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana –
The switch version of the hit Monster Hunter-esque JRPG series YS comes to Switch this summer. There’s no word on any switch specific content but I’m sure we’ll find out closer to the release date.
Dark Souls Remastered –
The direct left us on a huge note, in the form of Dark souls remastered. We know very little about the remaster and saw no gameplay, however, we were given a release date of may 25th, which means it won’t be long until well be able to die thousands of times all over again on the Switch!

So there you have it a complete roundup of the first Nintendo Direct of 2018, it’s surprisingly lacking in 3DS titles but we never know what Nintendo has in store for us. What were you most excited about from this Mini Direct? Let us know in the comments below!

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