According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo are looking to continue their foray into the mobile gaming market by partnering with more mobile developers.

In 2015, Nintendo took a 10% state in DeNA and planned to produce five smartphone games by March 207. As of the time of writing, they have released four games; Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Miitomo and Fire Emblem Heroes.

It seems that after the success of these titles, specifically the recent Animal Crossing game, which increased sales of the series as a whole, the company are eyeing up other developers.

Nintendo’s strategy is to increase the pace of mobile releases, having previously missed the release dates of 3 of 4 of the previous titles. While it may seem like the company is trying to get out as many games as possible to increase revenue, in reality their tactics are a little more clever. They predict, rightly so, that by exposing mobile users to their IP, that they will be more likely to transfer over to their more premium consoles.

While Nintendo did invest in a stake of DeNA, they are unlikely to do the same with future mobile partners, preferring instead to work alongside them.

GungHo Online Entertainment are one of the potential partners, having developed games for the 3DS system already. Stay tuned for imminent Nintendo Mobile announcements!

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