Nintendo have teased an imminent announcement coming tonight (January 17). You can head over to their website to see the post which promises a “new interactive experience for Nintendo Switch that’s specifically crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart ”

Of course, this ominous tease could be applied to most of Nintendo‘s output over the years so it is difficult to speculate as to exactly what will be announced. This hasn’t stopped fans being sent into a tailspin trying to guess though, with cries of Metroid and other long awaited titles. This seems unlikely to me but hey, it is never easy to guess what Nintendo will do next. We will have to wait until 10pm GMT to find out.

One of the most likely contenders is a new Animal Crossing game. After the release of the mobile game Animal Crossing Pocket Camp late last year, many have speculated that a main entry in the series could be on its way for the Switch. We would also like to point out that Aya Kyogoku, one of the designers on the series drew attention to the announcement on Twitter, cue beard stroking.

This reveal comes less than a week after the mini-direct which unveiled a host of new games and updates to the wacky hybrid console. Kirby was detailed, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is being ported and The World Ends with you is on its way.

2018 looks set to be a great year for Nintendo with January already being a strong outing for the company. We’ve already had Furi (check out our review here), Super Meat Boy among others however the rest of the year is particularly shrouded in mystery.

Stay tuned until later today when we will be covering the news as it happens (please be Animal Crossing, please be Animal Crossing).


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