Don’t get too excited.

It seems that everywhere is reporting that a sequel to Todd Phillips’ billion-dollar grossing Joker film is a definite go – however, while we might end up with a sequel down the line, inside sources have told Deadline that as-yet there are no deals or negotiations in place.

The same sources added that the crux of The Hollywood Reporter’s story – a meeting between Phillips and Warner Bros. film chief Toby Emmerich a week after Joker’s opening to discuss a portfolio of DC character origin stories – is as false as the reports of Martin Scorsese having wanted to direct the film. Scorsese was originally supposed to be on board as producer, but had to drop out due to his busy schedule.

Multiple sources have told the publication that no such meeting took place between Phillips and Emmerich, and more than this, Phillips hasn’t even considered working on other DC character films.

This isn’t a confirmation that there will never be a Joker sequel (as there probably will be one at some point), simply that nothing has been discussed yet, and Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver have made no move to draft another chapter of Arthur Fleck’s (Joaquin Phoenix) villainous descent or even secured a deal to do that.

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