A new trailer and behind-the-scenes video delve into the world of Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming film, The Limit, which is set to offer an “immersive cinema” experience, starring Norman Reedus and Michelle Rodriguez.

Told through VR, the experiment places the audiences within an action film – so when someone is getting cut open, or kicked out of a plane – that someone is you, the viewer.

Cinema has always gone through changes in technology, most recently IMAX, 3D, and 4D, so it makes sense that Rodriguez is pushing towards a rising medium.

“It’s very different from a video game-type VR because it’s got the language of film, it’s got the grain of film,” the director says in the featurette. “It looks like a film, it sounds like a film, but now suddenly, magically you’re in the film.”

The viewer is put in the role of a rogue agent, complete with mysterious past, who enlists the help of enhanced super-assassin M-13 (Michelle Rodriguez) to find your identity and attack the organisation that created you – a la Bourne. Norman Reedus also appears, with a big bionic arm capable of catching bullets.

More shocking than anything else, however, is that The Limit in its VR format, is only 20 minutes long. But given the story, it might be too exhausting for the viewer to be in it any longer than that.

The Limit is available now, just head to the film’s official website to find out where you can purchase your copy.

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