Love shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings, but wish they were a little more like Monty Python? Well then, Netflix has a hell of a show for you.

International comedy, Norsemen, premiere on streaming platform Netflix over the summer, but was unlikely to jump out at you while browsing. However, it should definitely be on your watchlist.

Norsemen is a six-part Norwegian comedy (originally titled Vikingane in its native country) set in the year 790, beginning when a Roman, Rufus, is kidnapped by Vikings from a village called Norheim and is disappointed to find that his culture and beliefs mean absolutely nothing to the Vikings – and besides Rufus, the series follows a group of wacky characters living in the village and their everyday lives.

But, whilst Norsemen is a Norwegian series, the Netflix streaming version is entirely in English, as the production team filmed all scenes simultaneously in Norwegian and English – which means you can’t use the excuse of subtitles to stop you from watching – and gives the show an international feel as well as an international reach. It’s really something.

Currently there’s only one season of Norsemen on Netflix, made up of six half-hour episodes. However, a second series has already been filmed and is due to air on Norwegian television in November. And while we don’t know when the second series will arrive on Netflix, they have confirmed that they have the option to pick up Season 2 of Norsemen for streaming.

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