The first official trailer for Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett‘s Good Omens debuted in New York, proving that the end of times is nearly upon us.

“It won’t be the war to end all wars, it will be the war to end everything,” says David Tennant‘s demon, Crowley, in the trailer which teases the forthcoming six-part series that adapts Gaiman and Pratchett’s hugely successful novel.

“It’s like a dream come true for me,” said long-time fan of the story, Michael Sheen, who plays angel Aziraphale to Tennant’s demon. He then added jokingly, “I just have to put up with these terrible actors.”

 good omens 1

This sense of humour is something which is clearly shared through the rest of the cast as well, as fellow star Jon Hamm, who plays the angel Gabriel, explained his presence by saying, “I did this for money, Amazon paid me so much money, I said sure.”

He followed this by telling the audience how much fun he and his fellow cast mates had making the series.

good omens 2

The panel, moderated by Whoopi Goldberg, also saw the release of a new Good Omens poster, as well as showing some clips from the upcoming six-parter.

good omens nycc poster

The trailer certainly seems to capture the distinctly British humour of the book, whilst offering up a taste of the tumultuous relationship Crowley and Aziraphale share, as well as their reluctance to see the world they now call home, come to an end.

Good Omens, co-produced by the BBC, is scheduled to hit screens in early 2019.

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