Amazon has finally released a teaser for their upcoming series based on Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, which sees John Krasinski take on the role of the CIA agent.

“I run supply chain logistics for the Western Hemisphere,” Krasinski says in the trailer – noticing the underwhelmed response to this description, he follows up with, “Boring?”

It’s anything but, as a modern mix of Dylan’s ‘Masters of War’ kicks in, and the action takes us to Yemen, with words like ‘interrogation’ and ‘Bin Laden’ thrown around.

Krasinski was joined on the panel by executive producer and showrunner Carlton Cuse, co-star Abbie Cornish and executive producer and writer Graham Roland. The group also shared a seven-minute clip of the show, which Deadline described:

“The scene opens on a group of kids in Lebanon, with the eldest – pre-teen maybe – amusing the others by grooving to a cassette recording of the old Men Without Hats hit “Safety Dance.” So we’re somewhere in the 1980s, and the happy family goings-on are suddenly interrupted by war planes flying overhead and devastating the area with bombs (the special effects in the clip, by the way, are still crude place-holders).

From there, the action jumps to present-day Washington D.C., with Krasinski’s Jack Ryan getting in an early-morning row on the Potomac before biking to his office job at the CIA. He has a minor road-rage run-in with a stranger, who we eventually learn is his new boss (Wendell Pierce).”

Despite the show delving into “terrorism and fundamentalist Islam” Cuse was quick to assured the audience that the series will not indulge in “demonization of Islamic culture.”

“We tried on this show to not just have a bad guy who is a terrorist, but a variety of Muslim characters across the spectrum, and some very heroic characters,” Cuse explained. He also described their experience filming in Morocco as ‘tremendous’ with “kind, generous, warm, helpful, talented people who worked on the show and invited us into their homes.”

Seeing Krasinski in action roles is no longer unusual, with the actor having played an American soldier in the 2016 Benghazi movie 13 Hours. With that role and this one, he has made a few visits to Langley. Krasinski was surprised at the openness at the CIA headquarters. “They were completely open and honest,” he said of his visits there, going on to describe the headquarters as a “very apolitical place” and the CIA investigators as essential to “making sure our freedoms are protected.”

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan will debut sometime next year, on Amazon Prime Video and will be a series of eight one-hour episodes.

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