It was recently reported that Take Two, the publisher behind Grand Theft Auto among others, has launched a new indie studio called Private Division. One of the projects revealed to exist under this new banner is Obsidian‘s new as-yet-untitled RPG.

After a recent earnings call by Take Two which suggested that the publisher would be exclusively embracing games with microtransactions and loot boxes moving forward, some worries were cast on the game.

Obsidian have put those fears to rest however by making a statement. The post explains that there will be absolutely no microtransactions or loot boxes in the game, stating “Far from “pushing” us to put anything — microtransactions or otherwise — into our game, Private Division has been incredibly supportive of our vision, our creative freedom, and the process by which we work to make RPGs. They have been fantastic partners, and we are extremely excited to work with them through release, to put what we know is going to be an amazing game into as many hands as possible.”

So that’s that then, no grubby microtransactions in the upcoming RPG. Obsidian previously developed Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny and of course, Fallout: New Vegas.

Private Division will encompass Squad’s Kerbal Space Program as well as Obsidian’s upcoming RPG and an unannounced sci-fi first-person shooter from V1 Interactive, a studio founded by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto.

Speaking on the new publishing label, senior VP and head of independent publishing at Take-Two, Michael Worosz had this to say;

“We have spent more than two years laying the groundwork for Private Division, building an experienced publishing team and signing projects with some the most respected and talented creative leaders in our industry.We see a growing number of independent studios in our industry creating high quality games based on new IP, and our focus is supporting these types of developers and projects, and ultimately bringing incredible experiences to gamers around the world.”

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