A new photo from Spider-Man: Far From Home reveals Tom Holland in his new stealth suit.

In next year’s Spidey adventure, Peter Parker will be getting not one, but two new suits (both of which have been leaked in set photos) the first is an all-black stealth suit, the second is a red and black suit which Holland revealed after set photos were leaked.

SuperBroMovies writer Daniel R tweeted what appears to be a still from the film, which features Peter in his stealth suit, which debuted during Sony’s CCXP panel last weekend in Brazil:

As well as this, Omelete also shared some pictures of the two suits on display at CCXP:

far from home suits

You can tell that Peter is Tony Stark’s protégé by the sheer amount of suits we’ve seen him wear throughout his time in the MCU, as it appears, like Iron Man, he gets a new suit for every outing. After only having appeared in three films up to now, Peter Parker has had three different Spidey suits to match.

While we’re yet to see any footage from the new film, a trailer was shown at last weekend’s CCXP, with a promise that it would be released in the coming weeks.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is slated for release on July 5th, 2019.

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