The first Avatar film grossed so much money that if Scrooge MacDuck took a swim in the piles of moolah it earned at Fort Knox the swim down to the bottom would drown him.

It was inevitable that Director, James Cameron would follow up with a sequel on it, but after he announced that we would be getting not one, not two – not six — not ten — but four additional films – he admitted that he may have “over-written” them. Really? We hadn’t noticed.


Given how little storyline there was and the volume of sequels that are being added to the franchise we fear just how sparse these tales will be. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoyed the high quality of 3D CG tech and elements of the story, but it wasn’t enough and we’re hoping Cameron and his company of tech geniuses create something more than just wonderful visuals of vistas in faraway lands and planets, and delivers on a much more engrossing story. Something we can bite onto so hard that upon leaving the cinema we walk straight into a dentist to tell them how great that cinema-going experience was.

Stephen Lang is also due to reprise his role as the villain of the stories, Colonel Miles Quaritch. We are curious to see how they make this happen given his brutal death executed by Neytiri‘s giant blue hands (and bow and arrows) at the end of the first film.

The Avatar sequels will be released: 2 (2020), 3 (2021), 4 (2024), and 5 (2025).

Stay with us as more information is released on them.

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